In Memory

Cheryl Drake (Coughlin)

  * * * IN MEMORIAM * * *

Cheryl passed away in November 2006.   It was reported to the committee that she was in a nursing home at the time of her death and reportedly died of natural causes.  Cheryl was widowed some time before her death.

My special memory of Cheryl Drake-Coughlin - Cheryl was one of those girls who was very nice to me - the new girl in school - and we became good friends.  I kept in touch with Cheryl for a few years after the 25th reunion.  I received a touching note from her right after that reunion that I have saved all these years.  During that evening I was telling her how much I liked her husband, John, and how I hoped I would find someone half as nice someday.  In her note she made a funny comment about how she was sure I would find the right man - just keep auditioning men for the part (ha ha) - she said the third time would be the charm!  She was such a nice person and had such a good sense of humor. I know she must be so missed by her family and friends.                                           Susan Holzheimer-Goromboly

Cheryl Drake was such a dear friend during my high school days.   Many memories of good times together.  I will truly miss her presence at our reunion.       
 Judy Schmit-Fischer