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(John) Christopher Hapner

(John) Christopher Hapner

8-3-17 No details of Chris' death are currently available.

8-8-17 Report received that Chris died alone at home from pulmonary hypertension.

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08/04/17 08:44 PM #1    

Barbara (Bobbi) Havill (Maul)

I remember Chris as spreading happiness to all in his vicinity.  I did not know him well but I do know that he was always kind to me, a very shy girl.  He blessed me with his presence  - may he continue to shed joy and receive same wherever he is.

Bobbi (Havill) Maul 

08/05/17 05:39 PM #2    

Loren Schumacher

I remember Chris because of his humor, which ran the gamut from the cynical to the merely silly.  It was impossible not to laugh when Chris was around.

Above all he was kind, kind enough in fact to have given me the only nickname I've ever had.  He commemorated that name on my locker room locker with a magic marker, and of course, Coach Henke made me wash it off before we graduated.  Never could get it all off and for all I know the shadow that remained is still there after more than fifty years.  My man Chris was nowhere to be found when it came time to use some elbow grease.  

I may have seen him once or twice after graduation but no more, and so forty-five years elapsed until I saw him again,  He hadn't changed except that his voice was much louder and deeper than it was during our school years.  Turns out that he had suffered significant hearing loss as a Civil War Reenactor.  He served on an artillery piece for heaven's sake.  So as his hearing diminished, his voice's volume increased.

Chris often mentioned that if he were ever to have a boat, he would name it Sazrach***.  I've spent some time researching the name Sazrach today, thinking that it may have sprung from literature, and for the life of me I thought Chris had mentioned that the name had been used by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  My search was in vain and I suppose the name Sazrach came from the depths of Chris' fertile imagination.

I don't think Chris was ever able to christen a boat with that evocative name during his lifetime.  I can only hope that today he is at the wheel of the good ship Sazrach and sailing her through the calm blue-green waters of heaven.

We are going to miss you Chris.


***Daryl Wesley helped clear up the mystery surrounding Sazrach for me.  First it is spelled Sazerac after a drink peculiar to New Orleans.  How very much Chris Hapner.

Here is a recipe for a Sazerac if you are interested:

1 teaspoon sugar

3-4 dashes of Peychauds Bitters 

2 oz. Sazerac Rye

Teaspoon of Herbsaint, Pernod, pastis or absinthe.

08/07/17 09:00 AM #3    

Richard Curless

I first encountered Chris playing football in my Sophomore year.  Chris was a big guy and for certain I was small (170# versus 125#).  Still I was put in on the line next to Chris playing against Norwood.  Chris took care of me making sure I knew what to do on the play and how to stay low to get it done.  He was an awesome friend.

Best was our class Senior year where Judy, Chris, and I constantly bantered back and forth.  We sat next to each other and it was during this time and situation that brought Judy and I together as soulmates forever.  Chris was our friend and cupid matchmaker.  Forever in our hearts.

08/08/17 08:20 AM #4    

Eileen Brewster-Evers

Chris was a loved friend who always had a smile for everyone. Chris was Roy and my double date buddy. Once when Chris was saying "goodbye" to his date, his dad pulled into the driveway--Chris was late--Roy quickly tooted his horn to warn Chris. He was forever dubbed Chris'  juvenile delinquent friend. Chris will live forever in our memories. Love you Chris

08/08/17 06:05 PM #5    

Bob Tharp

Posted by Bob Tharp for Durwin Talon

Just heard that my very own MadMan passed away. He led one of the most unique lives I have ever witnessed: he enjoyed the two martini lunch while writing brilliant copy, he typed like a jackhammer and destroyed many a computer keyboard, he understood the civilised side of the Derby and how to cane rattan furniture, could hold historical discourse while holding court at all the watering holes in Savannah. He even fought in Gettysburg (see below for proof). Uncle Happy, J. Christopher Hapner, was one of a kind with a boisterous laugh that shook the walls! I'll savour a whisky tonight in your honour!

            by Durwin Talon


08/10/17 12:05 PM #6    

Daryl Wesley

Poet, My Friend....

I will miss Chris Hapner.....

I will miss his e-mails......

Lamenting my Auburn football team when they didn't play to expectations.                                             Keeping up with fellow Sycamore Aviators when life, death, or changes occured.                                     Always reminding me that I was a fellow tackle and Schnurrenberger's  protoge.                                          His constant quest for the perfect Irish whisky.....                                                                                          The  current events in Slowvanna, GA.                                                                   

Chris visited us a few years ago, here in Dothan. Our first mission was to find the perfect  Irish Pub. Needless to say that was a bust. But drinking the whisky was not. He fell in love with our black lab, Cassie. ..  Judi became a friend. In recent years, he asked her to help proof the book he was writing.

I was always "Squaw" to Chris, thanks to Coach Schnurrenberger calling me a Squaw-man/Squaw-woman or something similar during a moment of weakness at football practice.  Chris never forgot.........anything!!!!!

I remember typing class. I got the same typewriter he used the period before. It was always a pleasure to sit in front of that Underwood and see what missives of humor he left in the carriage.  Inspired, funny comments, relating to teacher and students in class or other wisdoms. There was one young lady in his class that required all his typing skills to relate her shapely figure.

Sometime before our 25th class reunion and before we started corresponding more frequently, he touched my life in his Hapner way. I was working for Moore Business Forms in Lakeland, FL. I had sold a personnel bennefit statement to Publix but was concerned about keeping it. I went in one day to talk with the VP of Personnel. His first question was "do you know a Chris Hapner?". I affirmed, looking puzzled. He smiled and told me he had sat next to Chris on a recent flight. Somehow my name came up (God knows how). But anyway, I was told by the VP of personnel at Publix to be sure to attend the class reunion.  Chris insisted that he emphasize my attendance.....The VP said they discussed me some....there is little doubt that Chris helped  me keep that order... I called Chris and thanked him.  We kept more in touch.... I attended the reunion.

It has been a completely joyful experience keeping up with Chris all these years through all the medias. There are more stories, but alas, Chris was the story teller. It is a pleasure to read his work.

I will miss his laugh, I will miss Chris.... 

Love ya, Poet....










09/06/17 10:51 AM #7    

Thomas Risk

It has been several weeks since the announcement of Chris' passing. I still find it hard to believe that he is gone. Over the past several years seeing Chris at the reunions was always a pleasure. He was always  glad to see his classmates with a warm welcoming smile. During these reunions he would always ask when we would come and visit him in his adopted "home" town of Savannah. We tried several times but life just got in the way and had to postpone the trip. During the interim period, Chris would frequestly send emails about Savannah, birthday wishes, and just general chatter. He really liked to reminiece about our times in Spanish class and how he and I would give Ms. VanHouten a hard way to go for for fun. 

Finally, a couple of years ago we did make the trip to Savannah. We had contacted Chris in advance for suggestions on hotels in the Savannah Historic District and we provided us with 3-4 options. We advised him we would be arriving on a Sunday afternoon to which he replied that he WOULD NOT come into town at that time due to amount of tourists clogging the streets. To our surprise he did show up and he proceeded to talk about Savannah and things to see while there. The visit on Sunday was short and we agreed to meet him the next day and he gave very informative tour of the historic district. Of course, during this tour he managed to guide us to a couple of Irish pubs where we had some adult beverages before we moved on to another pub for more adult beverages. It is a good thing we were within walking distance of our hotel. All the while we were induldging in some beverages, Chris just could not resist to bring up our Spanish class again. That seemed to be one of his fondest memories of high school, and I agee.

To my friend Chris, you will be missed and it was a pleasure being your friend.


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