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John H. Meyer II

John H. Meyer II

John H. Meyer II, age 69, of Xenia, went home to be with his Lord and Savior on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at Hospice of Dayton. He was born in Dayton, Kentucky on February 13, 1945. John's father, Clifford J. Meyer passed away when John was 10 years old. He is also preceded in death by his mother, Bertha Margaret Hyatt Meyer Fasse and step-father, C. Howard Fasse. 

John is survived by his high school sweetheart and loving wife, Marilyn (Kelly) Meyer, whom he married August 20, 1966; his daughter and son-in-law: Heather K. and Daniel Beem of Xenia and son: John H. Meyer III of Orlando, FL; brothers: Larry and Chuck Fasse; and grandchildren: Kristin and Nathan Beem and James Meyer; as well as numerous other relatives and many friends. 

John received his BA from the University of Cincinnati; his Masters Degree from Ohio University and continued his post graduate studies at Ohio State University. John served in various capacities in the area of Student Affairs at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Ohio State University, and as Dean of Students at the University of Tampa. After a period of time, he left higher education and established himself as a an insurance and financial planner. John was a lifetime Rotarian with perfect attendance where he served in various capacities as well as president. John served as a deacon and elder at Christ Community Church in Tampa, FL and New Community Church in St. Louis, MO. While residing in Tampa, FL, John served as a personal representative for President Bill Bright with Campus Crusade for Christ. He appreciated music leading congregational singing and singing bass in men's gospel quartets. John enjoyed sports both as a spectator and an active participant. John attended the University of Cincinnati on a baseball scholarship and was drafted his senior year by the Cleveland Indians organization as a catcher and played professional ball. Later, he played in the Roy Hobbs Over 40 Baseball organization in Tampa and Orlando having the opportunity to play and win on a World Series team. John was inducted into the Sycamore High School Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, OH in 1998. He was a lifetime baseball coach, coaching all levels from T-ball to college. 

Nevertheless, John was first and foremost a devoted husband and father as well as friend. He cherished his family and the friends he made throughout his life and was widely respected for the godly man he was and the exemplary life he lived. He will be missed but not forgotten by those whose lives he touched and influenced. 

A service to celebrate his life will be held 2 PM Saturday, May 17, 2014 at Dayton Avenue Baptist Church, 1121 Dayton Ave., Xenia. John's family will receive friends Saturday, May 17th from 1:15 PM until the time of service at the church. 
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in his honor to the UC Gardner Family Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Fund: UCNI Office of Development, PO Box 670570 Cincinnati, OH 45267. 


Saturday May 17, 2014, 2 PM at Dayton Ave. Baptist Church 


Saturday May 17, 2014, 1:15 PM - 2 PM at Dayton Ave. Baptist Church 

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04/25/14 02:47 PM #8    

Barbara Suder-Smith

I always thought John was "larger than life". Now he is.

04/26/14 10:53 AM #9    

Donna Barnes (Hadley)

I have always admired John.  He was very intelligent, strong, kind , and friendly.  I remember the almost countless discussions that occurred in Junior and Senior English.  He and the other boys and we girls would do their best to challenge Mr. Thomas with questions about the literature we read, the grammar that we had to know, the essays we wrote, the poems we memorized, and life itself.  Later in college , I realized just how lucky we all had been to be a part of the Class of '63.
I remember John's bass voice--oh, how John loved to sing!  Who can forget the success of the baseball team our senior year?  And who among us can do anything but smile when we recall  Russ, Loren, Pete Kappus, Dave Gapinski, Dave Wert, Stu, Daryl, and John Meyer holding forth with their "studies" in Honor Study Hall over a close game of cards?  So much much joy!  
A friend to many, a celebrated athlete, the Salutatorian of his high school class, a brother who was loved, a man of faith, a leader, a teacher, a father to his children, a grandfather to his granddaughter and grandsons, and a soulmate to his wife, John will be missed by all who knew him.

04/26/14 04:18 PM #10    

Richard Koehler

I will always remember and be very grateful for the care and support John showed me when, in the middle of our Junior year, my family moved (from Buffalo, NY) to Sycamore.  I was never much of an athlete but John encouraged me to sign up with the baseball team.  And I know he must have put in something extra because I certainly wouldn't have made it solely on my own merits.

John's encouragement carried over to my freshman year in college where I did try out for the rowing team.  I participated all four years from freshman through rowing on the varsity.  I attribute that success to the attitude that John had instilled in me.

John will be truly missed.  But his outstanding spirit will be with our class forever.

04/27/14 05:26 PM #11    

('62) Jan Wuenker-Everett

I was in the 1962 class.  Many of my classmates were very close with those in the '63 class so I had many opportunities to get to know John.  Even though it's been 52 years since I've seen John, I remember him so clearly.  He was such a nice guy and a friend to all.  He was so well-respected by students in other grades and by the teachers.  I felt honored to be pictured with John in the '62 annual for receiving the Outstanding Students Award.  I can remember the guys in my class talking fondly of John and admiring him for his intellegience, high moral character, sports abilities, and being a friend to all.  I was glad to see in the obituary that he was a great man of faith which means I will see him again someday in heaven.  May all of his family members get strength in this difficult time knowing how much their loved one was admired, loved, and remembered.  God bless all of you!

04/28/14 12:51 PM #12    

Stuart Garbutt

In school we loved John for many reasons, not least of which his ready smile, great voice and mighty throwing arm!  He was consistently positive and we knew he'd be successful. The reports of his accomplishments in the years since school convince me we were right.  John achieved success in the things that matter.  Proud to have been his classmate.

04/28/14 10:44 PM #13    

Lawrence Fasse

John lost his dad and I lost my mother when we were both 10. We became "step brothers" when our parents married when we were 15. We never really referred to it that way, we were brothers, and that is the way it has been until last Tuesday when John left us. Some blended families are a real challange, ours was a blessing.  John and I both shared a like faith and that made it a lot easier.  We had some common interests in life and some interests that were different. John supported me and encouraged me in everything I did and I did the same for John.  I had the easier job.  John was an outstanding guy in everyway and in everything he did. He was consistant in what he said and what he did.  We had some great years as we grew up in Blue Ash and I remember many late nights we came home from our separate evenings activity and we would head to the Reading White Castle to share some thoughts, stories from the night, and of course some of those "splendid" White Castles.  We went different ways after graduation but truly remained "brothers" and family all these years. I appreciate the comments I have seen and heard about John, thanks to everyone that has shared.  I was lucky enough to be one that can confirm the kind of person John was.  I have admired John more than ever these past few years and especially the last couple of years as the disease grew more agressive. He never complained, he was positive to the end despite the setbacks that he experienced; his faith never wavered.  If we all shared John's faith the rough spots in life would be a lot smoother. It is an understatement to say I will miss our chances to visit with each other, but as some others have said - it's temporary, we'll meet again!  

04/29/14 11:23 PM #14    

Thomas Stanley

John and I were close.  There were afternoons after shool on teams together sometimes feeling a little sick, sometimes laughing ,sitting together in choir, double dating, making quartets,visiting each others homes ( his and Larry's mother, Bertha, was pure gold), camping - a trip to Kentucky, and meeting Marilyn - it was soon evident she was a real keeper and the love of his life.  Our families kept up through the years.  We visited each other's homes in Florida and Georgia.  John was always coaching kids and modelling the very best way for kids to act.  He taught my kids baseball when he visited.  When Lyndall and I were planning our savings, he ran numbers for us and had great advice!  Later when he faced his last great physical challenge, I was able to return the favor.  John had the remarkable courage of a champion; never once did he show rancor, negativity or self pity while doing battle in this last great contest.  The truth be known, I cannot remember a single time of his being unkind or demeaning to another.

It has been a great privilegde to be on his team for some time, in the society of his friends, family, and in his Sycamore class.  We should all hope to be on his next team; it will be very good company.

                                                                                                    Tom Stanley



05/28/14 06:36 PM #15    

Barbara (Bobbi) Havill (Maul)

While I did not know John beyond High School my memories of him are that he was tall, gorgeous, and generous of spirit even to someone as shy and withdrawn as I was.  I appreciated him then and celebrate all that he was and gave of that spirit in his life.

Bobbi Maul


05/29/14 01:22 PM #16    

Jerry Lovell

I just finished reading the many comments his friends and classmates posted about John and they brought a huge smile.  I never got real close to anyone in the class of '63 but it was NOT the fault of anyone else - just me.  However, I could only smile when I kept reading over and over that John Meyer liiked everyone and never had a cross or unkind word  for anyone.  How true those words are!   John could have been mirroring Will Rogers in that, "he never met a man he didn't like."  Or at least if he did, no one but himself ever knew it.  

I was never a great athlete, in fact, not even a good one, but while John excelled at every sports type he tried, he NEVER made anyone (me) feel like they (we) were somehow less a person than another "athlete."  John was a special kind of young man - the kind you want your sons to emulate and your daughters to marry.  Marilyn, only you know how truly blessed you have been to have been united to not only a real man, but a Christ-like man - in every way.

John, one day (probably sooner than I think) we'll meet again and I can tell you in person (spirit) what a wonderful Christian example you set for our whole class and school and how special you made everyone around you feel.

Thank you, brother.

05/29/14 02:39 PM #17    

Lynda Satterfield-Bragg

To paraphrase Will Rogers, the Pastor said, "John never met a man who didn't like him."  You nailed it, Jerry, and he read your posted remarks to all, along with some others. 

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