In Memory

Bernard Wolke

    * * * IN MEMORIAM * * *

After our 1998 reunion, I personally found and spoke with Bernie.  At that time, I found Bernie living alone in Mount Airy, a Cincinnati inner-city suburb.  He was in poor health having had 3 heart attacks and one bypass surgery.   His breathing was labored as I remember.  He was living on Social Security only.
Bernie reported that he had three children who would be 36, 40 and 41 in 2008.   Whether they were sons or daughters remains unknown although I think I remember him saying they were daughters.  None of his children could be found during our searches for this reunion.  Bernie also reported that he was one credit shy of graduating with our class and finished his high school education at Hughes High School.  He was a Veteran and toured Italy, Spain & France while he was in the US Navy.
I’m sure most everyone thought Bernie kinda’ marched to his own beat.  A personal note about Bernie is that he and his family took me on vacation with them the year my father died.  Obviously, that was a very tough year for me.  The Wolke family gave me 7 days of sheer enjoyment that summer in contrast to the bleakness that surrounded me at that time – I was eleven. I still have the tiny teacup and saucer I brought back as a souvenir for my mother from that trip.
Bernie passed away on September 2, 2004. His sister, Anna (SHS Class of ’61), is also deceased.
Bob Tharp